Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Application for a trip to the Chornobyl exclusion zone

    In order to send the application for the trip to the Zone you have to fill in this form in a proper way.

    In the pop-down menu you can see only dates we have vacant places for.
    You can choose Private tour for the day that is convenient for you, but you should apply not later then 10 days before the trip.

    Please be very ATTENTIVE when filling in the form with your:
    1) Full passport number;
    2) Date of birth;
    3) Full name;
    4) Citizenship.
    We provide the Administration of the Zone with the data you have indicated in the form. If on the day on the tour the personal information does not correspond to your Passport data, you won’t be let into the Zone by police officers at Dytyatky checkpoint.

    All information you placed is strictly confidential!

    The application form filled in, we offer you the payment options.