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Discounts on the Chernobyl-TOURs


Discounts on the Chernobyl-TOURs


CHERNOBYL TOUR® offers discount programs:

Attention! Discounts cannot be summed up!

Please choose the program that is the most appropriate and beneficial for you.



Book your trip in advance

  Plan and book your scheduled tour to Chernobyl in advance – more than 2 weeks prior to the tour date - and get a lower price.

  In order to identify the price of your tour, please, check the tour calendar and make sure that prices for further dates are lower than those for the closest dates.



The social program "Quota for students”

  In every scheduled 1-day tour CHERNOBYL TOUR® has allocated special places for 2 students.

  The discount on special places for students is 10%!

 In order to obtain it, when filing in an application form for a tour in the line "Additional comments", please, enter "QUOTA FOR STUDENTS", and send a scan of your Student ID to our main office’s email; bring your Student ID along with you to the tour.


подарок для именинника


Discount Program "A birthday gift"

   Are you thinking how to get your beloved friend a great birthday present? – Don’t think anymore! Just present a one- or several-day tour to Chernobyl - and we guarantee that he / she will remember your gift forever!

  For birthday persons (i.e. those whose birthday coincides with the date of travel, plus or minus 10 calendar days) CHERNOBYL TOUR® provides a 10% discount!

  To obtain it, when filing an application for a tour in the "Additional comments» enter "GIFT FOR THE BIRTHDAY”, and our administrator will contact you for further details.



Discount for Ukrainian citizens

Discount program for Ukrainian citizens

  During 2014-2016 years the cost of 1-day weekend tours for Ukrainian citizens is 19-39$ The price depends on a group size. Compulsory insurance is included.


  Also, the constant discount is offered to Ukrainian citizens for making state permissions for entering ChEZ. That is the reason why Ukrainan citizens have a lower price of tours compared with the price for foreigners.  To see the prices for Ukrainians, available dates and other details of tours please kindly follow link and choose the date in trip calendar.



Discount for citizens of Belarus

Discount program for citizens of Belarus

  In connection with the fact of presence of Exclusion Zone in Belarus and contamination of more than 20% of its territory after Chornobyl accident, citizens of Belarus are provided with constant discount for scheduled trips to ChEZ, - Both on one-day trips, as well as on several-day tours. The size of a discount provided is approximately  ~20$ and depends on the type of tour chosen.

  To see the prices for citizens of Belarus please kindly follow link "application for a trip", choose the date that is convenient for you and specify the citizenship of Belarus in a drop-down list. Our system will automaticly calculate the price of your tour.

  Looking forward to see you in our tours!




Attention! Discounts cannot be summed up!

Please choose the program that is the most appropriate and beneficial for you.